Faux blooms don’t have the best reputation and we completely understand why. Faded, fake looking and often dusty, you tend to find them in bargain stores or on your grandma’s vanity… not very appealing! However, our silk blooms are anything but – so we’re here to bust a few myths around the most common fake flower objections we hear all the time.  

1. “Fake flowers are dust collectors”

Absolutely false. We don’t believe blooms should sit on the benchtop for years on end – not only because of the dust, but because it’s boring! We encourage our customers to pack their blooms away on occasion, or better yet, buy two arrangements so they can be alternated depending on their mood or the season. An old pillowcase is all you need to pack them away safely, then you can bring them out for a special occasion or the weekend.  

2. “Artificial flowers are difficult to clean”

Not true! All you need is a hairdryer and the dust will blow right off. Obviously the more regularly you do it, the quicker it is to clean.  — In fact, you might find the hairdryer trick helps with your lampshades and skirting boards too… you’re welcome! 😉 Have a look at our guide, where you uncover how easy it is to clean and care for your artificial flowers!  

3. “Silk flowers are expensive”

This one is true… well, if you want the good quality ones that don’t look like what we mentioned in the intro. There are always cheaper alternatives but as with anything in life, you get what you pay for, so the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.  

4. “Artificial flowers are old fashioned”

This is neither true nor false since your floral design can suit absolutely any taste or theme. We recently created an exquisite and very traditional style bouquet for a client with a space full of gorgeous baroque style furniture – and on the same day we were busy designing very contemporary and minimalist designs for other clients. There are no rules – except that quality is the key. We have quite a small range of flowers (in the hundreds, despite thousands being available to us) because we are extremely picky and few make the cut with our quality standards.  

5. “Silk blooms aren’t fresh”

No, they’re not. We’re simply not fans of fresh flowers every day… it’s expensive and impractical. Fresh flowers for special occasions? Absolutely. But the idea that you could spend $50+ on a gorgeous bouquet only watch it die in front of you makes us a little sad! If you do want to enjoy something fresh, consider potted herbs or succulents – but be sure you have the lifestyle and environment to allow them to thrive.   What are your thoughts on artificial blooms? We’d love to hear them! If you have any other objections or myths you’d like busted, please comment below or email us at hello@secretblooms.com.au – we’d love to talk blooms with you. 🙂

The studio is currently closed for our mid-year break. We will re-open mid-July.