Kate | Loose Stem Bouquet




Kate is romantic, a touch vintage and timeless, which makes her one of our most popular bouquets. Sumptuous and incredibly lifelike lambs ear leaf, our exquisite york roses and our signature ranunculus, make Kate a one in a million. A timeless classic, her soft tones are easy on the eye and suit almost any setting. Stems are supplied loose and uncut. Slip her into a narrow neck vase from your own personal collection. Vase in photograph stylist’s own.

Product Specifications
Overall she would measure approx. 60cm high and 50cm wide. She is prepared to order, beautifully presented with handwritten stationery and of course our signature Secret Blooms seal of authenticity. Whilst every effort is made to illustrate the product’s true likeness in our photos, there is likely to be some minor variation in the appearance and / or size of your product as a result of our arrangements being prepared to order.