How to Clean Your Artificial Flowers

When it comes to caring for and cleaning your Secret Blooms artificial flowers, less is more.

We recommend a light dusting of your Blooms every now and then with a soft, static duster or, where necessary, a lightly moistened e-cloth on hardier surfaces like orchid leaves. Our favourite trick is using a hairdryer on a cool, low setting and giving your bouquet or arrangement a light blow-wave.  

Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods as this can fade colourful blooms over time.

A number of our customers enjoy rotating a bouquet or arrangement to keep things looking fresh. Between uses, slip a bouquet or arrangement into a pillow case in the linen cupboard for safe keeping.

Preparing your Secret Blooms

We do our best to protect your Blooms during transit in our custom made boxes. Our arrangements and hand-tied bouquets come ready for you to display straight away. 

On receiving your Secret Blooms, ensure the box is upright and placed firmly on the floor prior to opening. Cut any strapping, and carefully follow the instructions on the inner lid. Our boxes are designed to be opened from the base up, so pull the bottom tabs, and lift the box up over your arrangement. 

If you have ordered from our loose bouquet or stem range; with a gentle touch, bend and shape the stems and foliage as you wish to achieve a softened, natural look. Stems can be bent or cut to suit various vase heights. Open out the petals of the flowers with your fingers to give a varied, authentic appearance.