Silk flowers are making a comeback and for good reason. They’re not only stunning, they’re also allergy friendly, versatile, and incredibly long lasting. Here are just some of the places we’ve seen them pop up lately…


1. Hospitals

Silk flowers are a wonderful solution for long-term patients as they’ll remain fresh and beautiful the duration of their stay. Many hospitals (and specific wards) won’t allow real flowers for health reasons and these are often the places that most need something beautiful to cheer up the space!

2. Doctors’ Surgeries

Real flowers can be a problem in doctors surgeries due to the allergens and the ongoing cost. Silk flowers warm up the room without putting patients’ health at risk, and for a fraction of the cost.

3. Yachts & Ocean Liners

It’s not practical to keep real flowers out at sea – between the infrequent use and long-distance travelling – but silk flowers fill their place brilliantly, adding a high-end touch to the interiors, guaranteed to impress.

silk blooms on a yacht

4. Vets & Animal Hospitals

Some of the more common flowers used in flower arrangements are actually poisonous to animals, so silk flowers are a risk-free way to brighten up the place, making it feel less clinical.

5. Destination Weddings

Shipping real flowers to island or destination weddings can be exorbitantly expensive and the islands themselves have very limited to access to the blooms brides want – e.g. roses. But since flowers aren’t optional at (most) weddings, silk flowers are a perfect and equally exquisite solution.

6. Open Homes

Many real estate agents are using flowers to make homes look more welcoming and attractive at open homes and even during house photography. Over a 6-week marketing period, however, the cost of fresh flowers adds up and isn’t practical, making discreet silk flower arrangements a wonderful substitute.

7. High-end Boutiques

Walking into high-end boutiques doesn’t feel indulgent and luxurious by accident. Their standards for interior decoration and window displays are second to none, and silk flowers provide the flawless finish they require, as well as offering a level of versatility (and physical flex) that the designers require

8. Graveyards

Not the most uplifting location to think about, but silk flowers are becoming increasingly popular here due to their ability to maintain their pristine look and offer a long-lasting gesture to brighten up a burial site.

9. Corporate Offices

No longer stuffy and old-fashioned, many large corporate offices are opting for silk flowers as they’re a better investment, are gentle on employees and visitors with allergies, and can be so easily tailored to suit the brand and style of the offices all year round.

10. Christmas!

Christmas presents the perfect opportunity to start a family tradition. Silk arrangements like wreaths or centrepieces allow for a custom design that’s completely unique and something that can be passed down from generation to generation. And with Christmas being Australia’s hottest time of year (not to mention one of our few opportunities to relax!) the last thing we need is flowers that wilt in the heat and therefore need replacing constantly.


Have you spotted any silk flowers in your travels?

We’d love to hear about any other clever spots that silk flowers are being utilised, so let us know via the comments below.

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