magnoliaAnother blistering day forecast for Sydney!  We have the fans blowing, doors have been flung open since the early hours and we’re grateful for the trees in our garden offering shady spots to prepare bouquets.

It’s on days like these we’re grateful to be working with artificial flowers. No matter what the weather, our blooms look great and there isn’t a hint of wilt or droop.  Like all delicate things, they’re not fans of direct sunlight but they’re great in the heat.  This does not mean you can’t extend their reach to the outdoors – just pop an umbrella up during the day for shade.  We regularly entertain poolside and often use the bloom kits to add a touch of easy, instant floral flair.  There’s just something about flowers on the dinner table that make you look a little Nigella …even if you don’t feel it!

My favourite trick is to use four milk bottles in the centre of the table.  I pop our gorgeous peonies in two and get bloom junior (4) to pick his favourite leaves from the garden and they go in the other bottles.  Real foliage from the garden gives an instant, fresh look to your bloom kits and any other loose artificial stems you might have.

Stay cool!

Sarah x