How to take the guesswork out of flower gifting


Did you know we’ve been giving flowers as gifts since the Middle Ages? It kind of makes you think… if we’ve been doing something that long, there must be a pretty good reason for it. While we (clearly!) love blooms for many reasons, the joy we feel from gifting them comes down to how personal and unique they can be. You’re essentially saying, “I saw this beautiful arrangement and thought of you.” Pretty special, right? But we also know that depending on your experience level (and how well you know the giftee) the choice can be a little overwhelming… so we put together this simple guide to help make your gifting process a little easier.


Choosing An Arrangement To Suit Their Home

(Or your home. Yes, we fully support self-gifting!)

There are two things to keep in mind when choosing an artificial flower arrangement to suit your giftee’s home: Size and Colour. The amount of space someone has to fill should be the biggest decider in which arrangement you pick. If you know they live in an apartment or small townhouse, stay away from any larger arrangements as they’ll only make the home look smaller. Instead, go for a petite arrangement that can easily sit on a coffee table or bookshelf. If your giftee has a large home with multiple rooms the arrangement could sit, larger arrangements are perfect but choose a neutral vase so it’s more versatile.

Colour is the next factor to consider. If you’ve seen their home and know their colour scheme, wonderful. Choose something simple within the tonal family of the home. Haven’t seen their home? Don’t stress. Greens and whites are popular since they’re neutral, always look fresh, and tend to find most homes thanks to their timeless appeal. If you really want to go with something colourful, however, we recommend choosing a bright mix <link to Maya> rather than one colour to avoid them tiring of seeing it.


Choosing An Arrangement To Suit Their Personality


This is a tricky one and something we don’t recommend trying unless you know the giftee really well. Why? It comes down to judging a book by its cover. You might see someone wearing bright, eccentric clothes and having a bubbly, outgoing personality and assume that their house is a reflection of that. But believe it or not, a lot of big personalities often go home to decompress and escape the chaos, so may actually prefer clean, white and minimalist interiors! Just like with choosing to suit a home, we say, “If in doubt, choose a neutral.”


Our Best Selling Blooms (and Personal Favourites)

Below we’ve curated a selection of our most popular arrangements (that have proven successful as gifts for both strangers and best friends) so you have a jumping off point for your next gift idea. Enjoy!


Do you have any other tips for flower gifting?

We’d love to hear them. Let us know via the comments below!

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