From “Meh” to Memorable: The Art of Corporate Gifting


As far as priorities go, we tend to put client and corporate artificial flower gifts at the bottom of our lists (that’s if they even make it to the to do list!) and then go with something easy and “failsafe” as a last minute option. But in doing that, are we missing out on one of the best opportunities we have to leave a lasting impression? Here’s our take on coming up with a clever corporate gifting strategy.


What’s in a gift?


Sure, organising corporate gifts can feel like a tiresome task with little to no payoff. After all, the gift will likely end up in a bin, storage cupboard or stomach, quickly forgotten. So why bother?

First off, here’s why most corporate gifts fail to impress: In most cases they’re either impersonal, perishable, generic or tasteless. Occasionally all of the above! We believe that if you’re going to the effort of purchasing gifts, it’s important that they’re unique, classy, and reflective of your brand. After all, they’re a powerful marketing tool and a subtle reminder of your business. So let’s start by making a commitment to…


Say goodbye to these corporate gifts:


– Mass produced and cheap promotional items

– Generic gift baskets full of consumables

– Anything that you would give away for free

– Anything likely to end up in the bin

– Cash or gift cards

– Anything that was once a gift (re-gift at your own peril)


…and rethink your gifting strategy.


Other than quality, the other factor that makes a truly impressive corporate gift is the level of personalisation that went into it. The receiver should feel special and believe that plenty of time and thought has gone into the gift. This is why we came up with our own corporate gifting solutions. Our exquisite arrangements tick all the boxes, being classy, long-lasting and subtle, while also including a handwritten note on your corporate stationery for a truly personal touch.

Use 2017 as an opportunity to stop throwing money at corporate gifts that serve no purpose. Whether you have one-off requirements or need help with entire gifting campaigns, we’d love to help you make an impression with your clients this year. Get in touch by calling us on 02 8007 3873 or filling out our contact form.


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