We’re quite passionate about doing fake properly and have five golden rules that ensure fake flower perfection – always.

Don’t buy cheap. Cheap fake flowers look fake and ….cheap. Good quality artificial flowers are an investment and whilst it might feel like a pinch initially the total lifetime cost makes them a smart buy. 

Mix it up. Just like a change is as good as a holiday for us mere mortals, decor can instantly get a new lease on life with a simple change of location. Move your arrangements around the house, change vases and alternate between bouquets. I have three gorgeously neutral bouquets I rotate regularly through the house. I keep the others wrapped in pillowcases and stored in my linen cupboard.

Keep it real.  Feel free to slip in some fresh flowers and foliage for extra lusciousness when entertaining. Fresh foliage instantly balances the too perfect look of fake flowers when grouped together.  Don’t have a garden to pick from? Embrace neighborhood pruning.  Twigs, leaves, berry branches and vine can instantly transform a few simple faux blooms.

Tweak it.  We supply our stems at full height to give you as much flexibility when it comes to display. Simply bend the base of the stems to create varying heights in your vase or cut them with wire cutters if you’re displaying them in glass vases. Bend the stems, heads and leaves into more natural angles; don’t leave them in a uniform fan. Create angles and curves as mother nature herself does so beautifully. Don’t fret about traditional bouquet structure.  Wild-looking, meadowy displays are far more homely and very en-trend.

Keep it fresh. Whilst our blooms are now made with modern fabrics that are far more dust resistant to the dust traps of yesteryear, they will, like any good accent item in the home, need to be kept clean. Avoid water and heavy handling with dry cloths. A regular dusting using your hairdryer on a low, cool setting will ensure they’re blooming perfect always.