Have you noticed how party hosting seems to come naturally to some (almost like a genetic gifting) while others of us struggle to make it look effortless? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a special gift to throw a fabulous party. All it takes is some planning and a few simple tricks to set the mood, and your parties will make the “must attend” list for all of your invitees. Here are our top tips to become everyone’s favourite host.

Send real invitations

No, they don’t need to be embossed, snail mailed & sporting a wax seal, but a cute digital invite will make your guests feel extra special as well as increasing the chances of them remembering the date. We love Canva for this. You can create a simple image with text that’s ready to email, SMS or Facebook to your friends with a few clicks of a button.

Send a reminder text

It’s a small gesture, but sending a reminder text helps to build anticipation (and avoid innocent but awkward no-shows). It’s also a sneaky way of doing a last minute head check to lock in seating arrangements and food quantities!

Let guests contribute

We all like to feel helpful and that we’ve contributed something positive to any event we attend, so if your invitees offer to bring something, gratefully accept. More importantly, give them some practical suggestions as to what they can bring (plate, snack, dessert or bottle). This will stop them from worrying about whether their contribution was appropriate and might take a bit of a pressure off you as it’s one less thing you need to think about. (If you have trust issues, you could always casually check they’re still happy to bring item X when you send the reminder text!).

Keep the menu tasty but simple

The whole “taking a day off work to spend 8 hours prepping the menu” idea is dated and unnecessary. Keeping the menu simple will make the party prep more enjoyable for you, and actually increases the likelihood that your guests will enjoy the food. We’ve all got different tastebuds, so fresh, simple meals are the way to go. (But DO ask for dietary requirements when you send out the invites!).

Table-sized cold platters are fantastic and our go-to catering solution this party season. They’re easy to prepare, an indulgence of the senses, and are an easy way to get your guests chatting and breaking the ice from early on. Check out platter_co on Instagram for some mouth-watering inspiration.


Dress your table before guests arrive

There’s something wonderfully indulgent about arriving for a dinner party and seeing a table beautifully set, ready for its guests. A dressed table gives any event a real sense of occasion. It doesn’t have to be fancy – there are plenty of budget friendly, DIY tricks to make it look welcoming and special. Some of our favourites include; dressing each plate with a napkin and some fresh herbs / foliage picked from the garden, add a flower centerpiece (we think Gloria is the perfect addition to the Christmas table).


Do you have any hostess hacks?

We’d love to know what you do to impress your guests and create that wonderful party vibe. Let us know via the comments below!

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