With the silly season nearly upon us, it might be time to brush up on your party etiquette and ensure you leave the right kind of impression. Despite how it looks, manners and etiquette are never going out of style. And if you’ve received an invite to a soiree – no matter how big or small – there are a few things you can do to show the host your appreciation (and guarantee an invite to the next one!)

1. RSVP… always.  

Ever thrown a party and not had a clue how many people were going to show up until it was in full swing? It’s not a nice feeling and makes the organising of food and seating arrangements a nightmare. So no matter your answer, show your respect for the party host by responding prior to the RSVP deadline.

2. If you say you’ll be there, be there.

The only thing worse than not RSVPing is to RSVP “Yes” and not attend. Sure, emergencies happen, but too often guests decide they’re “just not in the mood” for a party and never turn up. Don’t be that person. Even if you’re tired or having a bad hair day, make an appearance. Your host would rather see you for a short visit than not at all, and hey, you may end up having a wonderful time!

3. Offer to bring something. 

It’s a lovely gesture to offer to contribute something to a house or dinner party. And rather than take a wild guess (which can result in having 8 bags of chips and no dips), simply ask the host if there’s anything you can bring. Obviously only do this if you can realistically follow-through on the offer, because in this case, it’s not just the thought that counts!

Psst. Wine is a failsafe for almost any dinner party or event (even if you’re told not to bring a thing), but don’t just grab any old bottle. Choose one of your favourite wines that has some history behind it. It’ll make the gift so much more special.

4.  Choose a thoughtful host gift. 

Depending on the occasion and how long you’ll be staying, there are some wonderful gifts you can present that’ll please even the hostess who has everything. Some of our favourite budget friendly (and locally made!) gift ideas include:

Hand-cream – It’s one of those little indulgences we seldom treat ourselves to so it will always be a welcome and practical gift. We love The Base Collective

Soy Candles – Everyone enjoys the scent of a good quality hand poured candle. Aria Rose Collection scents and packaging are heavenly.

Potted herbs – One of our personal favourites when it comes to gifting. Potted herbs are lovely to look at, add instant warmth to a kitchen bench and are super practical. Worm Ticklers are all organic and come in biodegradable pots… so clever!

And for home stays, an exquisite silk orchid will leave a lasting impression that your hosts will treasure for years to come.

5.  BYO conversation starters. 

Even if you show up empty handed and under-dressed, all will be forgiven if you break the ice and get the other guests mingling. If small talk doesn’t come naturally to you, come up with a handful of pre-prepared conversation starters (fun and quirky is good, but keep it G-rated!) that you can keep on hand in the case of awkward silences.

Are you the perfect party guest?

Leave us a comment below with your own gift ideas or other tips you have for being the party guest everyone wants on their RSVP list.

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