We are huge flower lovers here at Secret Blooms. The scents, the individual beauty, the imperfect perfections. However, they don’t last long; they require a constant water source, and there is a lot of wastage when it comes to using them for your event.

Modern techniques and materials have enabled good quality artificial flowers to look natural and incredibly realistic.  By using a range of materials including polyester and latex, the stems and petals can be made to look, and feel, so life-like you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between them and their real counterparts.

Take a look below at all the benefits of using artificial flowers for your wedding or event –

  • Longevity – your flowers will last. Whether your event takes place on a 40°c day, or the wind is blowing a gail, you can be assured your flowers will still look their best. There’s no need to worry about requiring a water source for your flowers; the grooms buttonhole bruising as he’s congratulated by guests; or the bridal bouquet surviving the day to look it’s best in all the photos.


  • Keepsake – being able to keep your bridal bouquet and have it in a vase in your home is a lovely reminder of your special day. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can be placed into vases at your reception and used as table arrangements. Table arrangements can also be gifted to guests as thank yous.


  • Seasonal Availability – if you have a particular flower or colour combination in mind, you are not limited to the flowers seasonal availability. This means you could have peonies at your event year-round and if you’re after blue flowers, we can get them for you.


  • Hypoallergenic – if you have allergies, artificial flowers are the way to go!


  • Colour matches – with nature you cannot guarantee exact colours or flawless petals. There are always going to be little imperfections. A florist cannot guarantee ‘white flowers,’ there may be little streaks of another variant – it’s nature, and those are the imperfections you get. Using artificial flowers reduces those surprises. We send photos to our brides and event customers during the assembly process for your feedback and to show you exactly what you will be receiving.


  • Re-usable – artificial flowers can be re-used and re-purposed after your event. Therefore, you can be assured there is no wastage.


  • Travel – artificial flowers travel well. Whether you’re a destination bride wanting the same bouquet at two different ceremonies or requiring florals for an event – we safely package and courier all our arrangements Australia-wide.


  • Stress-free – pictures of our designs are shown throughout the assembly process so you can tweak and see exactly what you will be receiving in advance. We ensure all bridal bouquets are delivered well in advance of your big day to ensure flowers are not one of the stresses you are thinking about the night before your wedding!


  • Easy to clean – there’s very little maintenance required to clean your flowers. Check out how we recommend you clean your flowers here.


Our team of florists design and create all arrangements to order, using the same techniques as we would for fresh flowers. All our stems are hand-chosen for their botanical likeness, and we create designs that will last forever.

If you’d like to get a quote on flowers for your wedding or event please contact us for an obligation free quote.

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