The Secret Blooms Story

Faux flowers, Silk flowers, Artificial flowers, Fake flowers – whatever you decide to call them, our love for good quality, realistic versions of these dates back many years. We believe only the very best deserve to hold pride of place in homes and work spaces across Australia and New Zealand where nature is an integral part of our lifestyle.

There’s something about visiting a home that’s beautifully styled, but also feels lived in and homely. Over the years we noticed that homes like these all had a few things in common. Good furnishings, obviously. A smattering of lovely family photos. And the cherry on top? Flowers. Even the most simple arrangements can evoke a sense of warmth and style in any home.

But how many of us have the time or budget to keep fresh flowers in the house all year round? We certainly didn’t. Our lightbulb moment came when we made our first purchase of a few classic faux blooms. It became obvious by the powerful reactions we received from our visitors that carefully chosen silk flowers can work just as well as the “real” thing. It was this realisation that began our obsession with all things (faux) floral.

As a trained florist, I go to great lengths to source the most realistic blooms that are botanically correct and look like their natural counterparts. A background in fresh floristry has helped us to develop a well trained eye for exquisite silk flowers. An eye that allows us to bring these gorgeous blooms straight to your door! 

Please contact us if we can assist. We look forward to being of service. 



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